Selling a house with us, how does it work?

During our first appointment you will immediately notice that our approach is very different. When you consider selling your house, we will first make a free, no-obligation appointment at your home. Make sure you take some time for this, because our intake takes about 1.5 hours. During this intake we will discuss all your wishes and the house will be extensively inspected and measured.

We will also update you on the latest market developments, both nationally as well as in your area, and give you a clear picture of how we work. At the end of this meeting you will know exactly what our recommended asking price is, our commission and our plan of approach. It is also possible that we want to give it some extra tought. In that case, we will get back to you within a few days with the asking price and our commission.

You have chosen us? Great, let's get to work!

In the Netherlands, as a seller you have a reporting obligation. All information relevant to buyers must be provided. We take you by the hand so that you can be as complete as possible. This is to avoid hassle afterwards. What we can take off your hands, we will take care of. What we cannot take off your hands, we will do as much as possible together.

Our measuring technician will visit you within a few days. He will measure your house according to the current NEN 2580 guidelines. This will result in an official measurement report and floor plans of your home. This way we prevent that afterwards it might turn out that your house is smaller than expected and that legal conflicts might arise, which could cost you thousands of euros.

Perfect home marketing and perfect home staging

The market has changed enormously in recent months. On the one hand there is more supply and on the other hand potential buyers compare your home very critically with other homes in the same price range. Therefore, it is very important that your home stands out from the competition.

To achieve this, we use this formula:

Perfect Real Estate Marketing + Perfect Home Staging = More viewings

And that's custom work every time to get the maximum number of viewings. That is why our own exclusive sales stylist will visit you to view your home based on her expertise.

This will result in a home staging advice. You can try to carry out this advice yourself, but we can also take it off your hands completely. When you follow the advice, you can be sure that you have done everything possible on your part to make the house look as attractive as possible.

Property marketing

Now that the property looks perfect, we will take beautiful photos and videos. We will promote this through our website, our network, various house hunting websites including Funda as well as on our Social Media channels. Some of our Instagram Reels are shown thousands of times to potential buyers! We are among the real estate agents in the region with the most followers on Instagram and this number is growing every day!

In fact, we were even awarded the "social realtor" award from RE/MAX. Out of more than 200 realtors, we were chosen as the realtors most active and distinctive on Social media.

When the photos and videos are finished, we will send them to a specialized housing text writer. He will use his years of experience to ensure that a catchy text is written about your property.

Determining the perfect asking price is also part of Real Estate Marketing. If the asking price is too high, no one will come to view the property and it will remain for sale for a long time. If the property is priced too low, people will come to view it, but with too little budget to offer the desired amount. We pay a lot of attention to this and together we will come up with the perfect asking price to not only get viewings, but especially potential buyers.


Of course we hope to get as many viewings as possible. During viewings we often hear from viewers that they are extremely impressed with how we do things compared to previous experiences. We have even received reviews from enthusiastic viewers!

Actually, it's very simple: we treat everyone with respect and take our time with them. We understand that they are not buying a carton of milk, which is why we try to make viewings a special moment especially for buyers. At each and every viewing.

Fair Bidding

We are always 100% transparent about the entire process, including the bidding process. We use the “Eerlijk bieden” software to manage our bids. “Eerlijk bieden” is a completely independent quality mark for real estate agents that guarantees a 100% honest bidding process. Thanks to the use of smart bidding software and audits, we thus contribute to a fair buying process!

Notary and the paperwork

Is your house sold? Mission accomplished! We make sure that all the (legal) paperwork ends up at the notary. Within the Amsterdam region the notary will draw up the purchase agreement. In other regions, we will draw up the purchase agreement ourselves for you and the buyers.

You have nothing to worry about! Just sit back and we will take care of absolutely everything. Right up to handing over the keys.

And that our approach works is reflected in our reviews. And that's what we do it for. Because our customer of yesterday provides our customer of tomorrow.

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