A good financial advisor in the purchase process is always underestimated. But one is truly not the other. When you are going to buy a home we always recommend a buying agent, but even the best buying agent (us 😉 ) can't be successful if you don't also have a good financial advisor. This is why we value having a good mortgage advisor.

Using a real-life example, we will explain what we mean by this. A while back we had a buying client. The best man was an entrepreneur and so he had his own financial advisor who would arrange his mortgage. Our client was very specific about the type of home he was looking for. After a long search we finally found his dream house. A beautiful house in Amstelveen.

We made an offer on his behalf which was checked by his mortgage advisor. And we were lucky because the sellers chose him! He and his family were thrilled! So what did he do? He called his financial advisor. But as it turned out, the best man was on vacation and could only set things in motion for him when he returned to the Netherlands after three weeks. And from that point on it would take at least another 5 weeks before his mortgage was arranged.

However, the same mortgage consultant had informed him beforehand that he could make an offer subject to 5 weeks. And we had incorporated this into his offer to the selling broker. This would now be 8 weeks.

Now we had to go back to the selling broker with a very bad story. And the selling broker in turn to his customer, the seller. Since there were multiple offers, the seller chose to cancel the sale with our client.

The nasty thing about this kind of situation is that both the buyer and the buying agent, seller and selling agent all took the right steps. But the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, in our "chain," we basically work only with tested, armored "links."

We are happy to get you in touch with a mortgage advisor from our network with no obligation. If there is a hurry, an interview can already take place today. This is because everyone in our "chain" understands that buying a home is a time sensitive opportunity.

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