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Are you looking for a new home? We will help you find your dream house! Here at Wijngaarde Real Estate you can create a search query completely free of charge, within 1 minute. You can do this directly under the heading below.

Under the header "Create free search query" you will first be asked for your email address and a password so we can create an account for you. Next, you indicate what your main housing preferences are. For example, you can tell us where you want to live, what type of property you find attractive and in what price range you are looking for. The great advantage of a query is that you don't have to actively search for the latest housing offers yourself, but you simply receive the properties that meet your criteria via e-mail free of charge.

This includes both our offers as well as offers from other brokers. Both offers that are already on Funda and offers that are not yet on Funda. So you will always be up to date. It is also possible that if we see opportunities for a new housing project or future assignment, we will contact you before we’ll go to the market.

So always make sure your information and housing needs are up to date in our system. You can always login to our website and update your search query.


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