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Weesp is a historic town next to Amsterdam that has been known for Jenever, beer and cocoa trade since the Middle Ages. An independent municipality until March 2022, Weesp is now a district of Amsterdam. Together with the Driemond core, Weesp forms an administrative district with "separate status".

So a special place to live with almost 21,000 inhabitants! In the coming years there are many plans for new construction and it is expected that the number of inhabitants will continue to grow in the coming years. By the way, did you know that someone born and raised in Weesp is called a Weesper Mop? Weesper Moppen are also a local delicacy. In short, Weesp is a historic part of Amsterdam where you can live fantastically.

Half of Weesp's residents are between the ages of 25 and 65. Famous Dutch people who come from Weesp include: Wendy van Dijk and Bram Krikke.


Weesp consists of 8 districts. Namely: 1: Bloemendalerpolder, 2: Hogewey, 3: Noord, 4: Binnenstad, 5: Zuid, 6: Oostelijke Vechtoever, 7: Aetsveld, 8: Aetsveldsepolder.

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