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Amstelveen offers a degree of tranquility and overview that you won't easily find in Amsterdam. But the super-fast metro connection brings you to Amsterdam in no time, making Amstelveen a very attractive place to live. Amstelveen, by the way, owes its name to the fact that it is located on the Amstel River and that Amstelveen's soil consists largely of low moorland (in Dutch: “Veen”).

Over the past 10 years, the population has grown by 11% to more than 92,000 residents by 2022, and for good reason. In the coming years there are many plans for new construction and the population is expected to grow even further in the coming years.

Half of Amstelveen's residents are between the ages of 25 and 65. 30% of the inhabitants are younger and 20% older. Because of its location near the Zuidas of Amsterdam and its location between the economic clusters Schiphol, Amsterdam and flower auction Flora Holland, many (inter)national companies and their employees have found their way to Amstelveen. As a result, more and more highly educated expats have come to live in Amstelveen in recent years. It is not surprising that one of the best international schools is located in Amstelveen. Even internationally oriented child care is available in Amstelveen. In short, also in this respect Amstelveen is a very interesting place to live. By the way, did you know that there are currently about 10 Indian supermarkets in Amstelveen?

By the way, half of the inhabitants in Amstelveen have a higher education. And that's not surprising, considering Amstelveen is just a stone's throw from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Amstelveen is made up of 14 areas. Namely: 1: Uilenstede Kronenburg, 2: Randwijck, 3: Amsterdamse Bos, 4: Patrimonium, 5: Buitengebied Noord, 6: Elsrijk, 7: Bankras Kostverloren, 8: Stadshart, 9: Keizer Karelpark, 10: Groenspaan, 11: Bovenkerk - Westwijk Noord, 12: Waardhuizen Middenhoven, 13: West Zuid, 14: Buitengebied Zuid. In these neighborhoods, the ratio of owner-occupied to rented housing is 50/50.

Things to do in Amstelveen

Amstelveen has 164 catering establishments, mainly restaurants (58 in total) and snack bars/ fast food restaurants (53 in total). The catering establishments are mainly located in the Stadshart, the Old Village and along the Amstel River. Meanwhile, some coffee bars have also opened. By the way, the construction of a new super-modern cinema in the Stadshart, right next to the Amstelveen Theatre, will also begin soon. The Stadshart is a top shopping area in the center of Amstelveen equipped with every convenience. From Starbucks to the Bijenkorf and from luxury butcher Hergo to the weekly Friday market with more than 200 stalls. It's just fantastic, all-inclusive living in Amstelveen.

Then we also have the lake "de Poel" in Amstelveen. De Poel is located against the Amsterdam Forest and is a wonderful place to relax and practice water sports. On the eastern shore of the Poel is the Michelin starred restaurant “Aan de Poel”.

In short, recreation and relaxation at a high level in Amstelveen.

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